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Latest News: S.A.S.I. Strengthens I.T. Credentials

S.A.S.I. Strategic Aviation Solutions International 

Stan Wraight President and CEO of SASI is pleased to announce the appointment of Hans van der Zwet, the latest addition to the SASI management team, who will be based in Amsterdam. Hans brings the highest level of knowledge and skill sets needed in todays I.T. driven world of air cargo logistics. 

Stan Wraight comments: 

“In all of our major projects including work for global airlines and airports, the importance of data and the overriding need for transparency, security and speed in I.T. solutions is becoming increasingly important. Intertwined with the development of I.T. in new air cargo terminal facilities, airlines are developing product portfolios which require the SASI “Virtual Integrator” program capabilities and seamless connectivity. 

The influence of E Commerce on how airfreight is processed today is overwhelming, and data is the paramount enabler. Hans brings all these skills and more to our service offering, positioning SASI as the go to consultant in leading edge solutions going forward.”

In deciding to join the SASI team, Hans commented:  

“I am pleased to be joining the growing SASI management team, as part of their expanding portfolio of services where I.T. expertise in cargo community systems, airline and airport requirements are increasingly required and have become key to this industries success and sustainability”

More news re a further major expansion of SASI growth and capabilities will follow in the coming months as SASI continues to expand its global footprint.

For any additional information please contact:

Stan Wraight

+15149442516 (Canada)

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