Consulting Services

Our customers do not want ‘text-book’ solutions, or consultant’s reports, which are not followed up with hands on support for implementation. They need solutions that work for their particular set of circumstances. SASI’s strength is knowledge and innovation because our people have been part of highly successful corporations who successfully mastered similar sets of circumstances.

Why Us

  • Totally independent aviation consultancy, neutral advice not clouded by third party ownership influence.
  • Broad base of experienced management, all with extensive aviation backgrounds in senior level positions.
  • Strategic partnership with The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) and The International Air Transport Association (IATA).
  • Only consultancy offering in addition to strategic and business advice, training and skilled interim management for implementation of recommendations.

Our Services

  • Passenger and cargo product portfolio analysis and recommendation including express, postal services, and commodities geared to combination carriers and all cargo operators.
  • Key Account Management including sales support with major clients.
  • Distribution Channel Support, own sales or outsourced, interline passage and cargo, forwarders and logistic companies.
  • Sales and Market planning for airlines, airport authorities and associated businesses.
  • Customer Service (CS) support including policies and procedures, centres of excellence, continuous improvement programs, quality systems, CS automation and telecommunications, customer relations/claims and telephone sales initiatives.
  • Advertising and press relations support, trade shows, public relations.
  • Strategic advice and due diligence where required for private equity and other financial institutions on the total aviation industry related to mergers and acquisitions, aircraft fleet analysis, market dynamics etc.

SASI provides industry-leading expertise to help airport authorities correctly position their facilities in the global market. Development and Marketing planning in the context of network driven opportunities can only be achieved with key client interface at the highest level. Clearly, many airports around the world are looking to improve their passenger, cargo, maintenance or general infrastructure to remain competitive. Their customers demand better facilities to more efficiently schedule capacity, handle passengers and freight through regulatory processes and into the logistics chain, or provide a competitive edge versus other airports in the demographic or geographic region.

 SASI is uniquely equipped to assist airports and their airline clients in the development of aviation related facilities such as handling terminals, freighter ramp, GSE maintenance facilities, maintenance hangars and warehouse material handling equipment design, procurement and installation.

 SASI management maintains strong relationships with global infrastructure developers specialized in airport and logistic facilities around the world. Through these relationships and our in-house capabilities we are able to provide advice on both on-airport and off-airport facility development, financing, construction and operation.

 SASI is unique in our ability to market airport services through our global network and key account knowledge

Cost effective and “fit for purpose” infrastructure is the key to profitable airport development. Working closely with our clients SASI can assist in specifying the appropriate level of airport infrastructure and the timing of the project process. From design to turnkey solutions with third party developers if required, SASI can ensure that new or redeveloped facilities are not only operationally efficient but commercially optimized so that they can be successfully financed. This includes not only the buildings and adjacent land use but also terminal materials and handling options.

 One of our major core competences is the ability to help in the selection of handling alternatives for each airport and airline. SASI can assist with cost analysis/comparisons, contract specification, negotiation and establishment of on-going procurement policies that include oversight and measurement processes.

Drawing on a wealth of experience in global express, ground handling, process engineering and regulatory controls like those imposed by Customs, SASI has developed a strong portfolio of services to assist in the development of B2B and B2C e-Commerce solutions. Particularly strong in emerging markets of Asia and Eastern Europe, SASI can contribute to the design and implementation of logistics processes for e-Commerce, incorporating both time and cost sensitivities. Our advisors also have extensive background in IT which gives SASI an unparalleled competence to specify communications protocols between consumers, web merchants and systems required to manage the physical and information flows across international frontiers, including specialized e-document handling such as language translation.

SASI is able to assist clients who may be web merchants, airlines, logistics providers or cargo handlers with strategy and logistics planning for targeted markets, utilizing a variety of transportation modes ranging from air express to overland postal services. In this fast moving business, opportunities are often fleeting and highly competitive, so SASI has built a rapid response team to assist with our client’s e-Commerce challenges.

In today’s business environment, positioning your airline or airport is becoming increasingly difficult as competition grows or opportunities are overlooked, implying that some decisions are often reactive rather than proactive and do not incorporate long term strategic foresight. In these times you want advice and business planning from professionals who are neutral and independent, who can also influence results and in a hands-on way, help achieve your objectives.

 SASI maintains neutral access to key global leaders in the airline industry, logistics management, airport and property developers, and ground handling companies and third party suppliers as well as OEM manufacturers and leasing companies for fleet. As a consequence you can be assured that strategic planning and business-planning recommendations will be unbiased provided with qualified and quantified freedom of choice

Through its extensive network, SASI maintains contacts with key service providers and customers on a global basis and has developed an industry leading depth of knowledge. Using meetings and telephone consultations, SASI provides advice on the global aviation market and key associated industries to financial institutions. This advice is vital when investment strategies are being considered or reviews are taking place on existing holdings.

 This knowledge is especially import when considering acquisitions, and SASI expertise can be invaluable for any due diligence activities being considered.

 In addition, SASI can provide full range assistance to companies in re-organization (either driven internally or under court appointed supervision) providing diagnostic review and options for success

Strategic advice and due diligence where required for private equity and other financial institutions on the total aviation industry related to mergers and acquisitions, aircraft fleet analysis, market dynamics etc.

Difficult times and global competition require the airline industry and airports to seriously review costs and third party contracts on an on-going basis. Very often the choice to “make or buy” is clouded by legacy contracts and decisions that may no longer be relevant.

 SASI experts will assist airlines and airports by reviewing the decision making process to identify cost saving opportunities, operational improvement and price efficiencies.

 SASI expertise is un-biased, completely neutral assuring our clients of the widest choice of options and vendors

As part of a comprehensive business plan, decisions must be made on routes, aircraft types to be utilized, and products to be offered. One of the key strengths of SASI is our knowledge of the air transport market, supported by access to an industry network second to none. These contacts, coupled to in-depth analytical skills and first hand industry knowledge, allows SASI to spot opportunities well ahead of the market and provide first-move advantage to our clients.

 Engagement with airlines, key logistic clients, financial institutions, and airports is focused on succinctly identifying and introducing the opportunity, providing indicative traffic forecasts, outlining the key economics of industrial indicators that underpin proposed services and addressing how the route fits in with the airline or airport overall strategy. SASI associates are unique in their ability to source information from key global players due to our neutrality and recognised integrity in the business.

 Critical decisions require correct and up to date data on all aspects of air transport. Global trend analysis, economic indicators, policy and currency all affect air cargo. By maintaining an in-house data system coupled with all the resources of Steer Davies and Gleave our strategic partner we are able to provide our clients with the necessary information required to make economically sound decisions.

 SASI is able to undertake short and medium term forecasts that can look from current demand ahead to the clients desired timeline, typically 3 to 5 years. This enables the identification and prioritization of target markets and potential operator types and provides analysis and route traffic forecasts to support discussions with airlines, potential strategic partners or airports.

 We can also undertake longer term analysis looking up to 30 years ahead. This is of particular use to airport operators and those considering major investments in aircraft and airport infrastructure.

 SASI’s unique ability to test assumptions with leading industry figures assures our clients of the best decision making platforms. Being the one truly neutral provider with this ability assures the integrity of our analysis for the client.



SASI can assist clients in all aspects of fleet and aircraft strategic planning, acquisition, maintenance and representation in purchasing or selling aircraft and leasing, either dry, damp or wet, with emphasis on the following: Fleet Planning & Purchasing or leasing Options, Asset Management, Aircraft Procurement & Remarketing, Freighter Conversion Program Management, Aircraft selection, fleet planning. Aircraft operating economics, Configuration, Technical specification development.

 When considering a wet, damp or dry lease SASI can provide some of the most experienced people in the business to assist in the decision making process.  Miscalculations in the airline fleet planning process can lead to financial burdens that are often the difference between success and failure, profit and loss.  Expertise in negotiating tactics, market dynamics and costs, along with up to date knowledge of competitive pricing for reserves, deposits and suppliers will assist any airline or airline start-p to obtain best available terms that meet or exceed business plan objectives.

 If conversion programs are considered, we will assist to negotiate terms and conditions and contract provisions for conversion programs, on-going audit of certification plan to ensure progress consistent with contractual requirements. Technical services develop competitive specification and assist in contract negotiation of P to F programs. Aircraft Conversion support including technical evaluation of roll-off for suitability for conversion. Aircraft pre-purchase evaluations. Ensure compatibility with your Company’s cargo program.

 Review & analyse preliminary design and data. Assessment, compliance and feasibility of FAA or EASA certification plan. Engineering / FAA (DER) representation at project/critical design review (P/CDR) meetings with contracting party and suppliers. Liaison with FAA or EASA certification offices as required. On-going audit of certification plan to ensure progress consistent with contractual requirements.

 Pre-purchase Inspections of aircraft, Aircraft Purchase, Sale and Lease Documentation, Aircraft Lease Technical Provisions, Aircraft Returns & Preparation for New Lease, Repossession & Damage Limitation, and Operating Lease Placements – Support sales and marketing teams in development of LOI’s, contracts negotiations, approval papers, etc.

 Aircraft Preparation and Delivery, Aircraft Technical Monitoring Programs and Technical Records Audit and Analysis, Aircraft Lease Monitoring and Pre-return Inspections.

 Aircraft Maintenance Representation, contract review and analysis, Maintenance Reserve Management, Engine Planning & Maintenance Shop Selection, Engine Contract Services. Develop pricing matrix for on-ramp cost. Prepare & forward technical budgets for approval.

IT solutions “off the shelf” exist today to meet the needs of most airlines, but typically involve very long term commitments and major investments. Important capital investments of this type and for such strategically important elements require in depth analysis of the carrier requirements and specifications to ensure the right product is chosen.

SASI expertise comes from years of industry involvement with major airlines and practical hands on experience with the major providers. SASI associates will work with clients and make recommendations on the right choice; tailor designed to your carriers needs. Revenue management, sales and marketing, CRM, accounting, process control, messaging requirements will all be analysed. SASI can also assist clients in negotiations with providers and advice on the right solution, at the right price.

SASI is the only consulting company with years of practical hands on expertise in e-commerce facilitation center requirements on a global basis.

 SASI is unique in the industry offering complete neutral management assistance and short-term in-place key advisors or interim management to assist airlines and airports in restructuring and development of their products and procedures. SASI will provide key management for short or longer-term assignments, assist in recruitment and training of new management, and provide coaching where required. SASI is totally independent without any airline investment, thus the Company prides itself as being totally unbiased and objective.

 We undertake diagnostic review of management and operating structures; recommend alternatives with emphasis on strategic out-sourcing along with applied labour relations initiatives.

 SASI associates have decades of practical experience in the aviation industry which includes fleet analysis and recommendations regarding the use of passenger, all cargo or joint production aircraft, both owned or leased, wet and dry, and the day to day practical experience so necessary to turn a marginal contributor into a profitable core business. We call this assistance: “TOTAL CARE”.

 “Total Care” management assistance:

  • Hands-on, fully accountable interim management assignments by SASI associates,
  • Coaching and training in all aspects of including negotiating skills and Key Account Management.  
  • Sales and Marketing training, including development of a product portfolio  
  • Fleet and leasing  
  • Cargo I.T. systems and global platform assistance.
  • Contract reviews, outsourcing solutions, cost reduction programs