SASI E-Commerce: Innovative, cost effective and efficient solutions for the air cargo industry.
SASI "Virtual Integrator" and airport "Data and logistics corridor" concepts will give you the competitive edge.

The Internet has brought us the world e-Commerce but the traditional air cargo logistics industry has yet to respond to business
opportunities international markets offer and a lack of focus has hampered both sellers and buyers.

Drawing on a wealth of experience in global express, ground handling, process engineering and regulatory controls like those
imposed by Customs authorities, SASI has developed a strong portfolio of services to assist in the development of B2B and B2C e-
Commerce solutions. Our core philosophy is e-Commerce Process Integration which enables SASI to engineer logistics into both
vendor and consumer IT platforms and assist with design specification to incorporate both time and cost sensitivity options for
transport, customs formalities and door delivery.

Facilitation center processes and IT solutions are the key to improved margins for airlines, ground handling companies and service providers. Only SASI has practical solutions allowing immediate implementation.

SASI e-Commerce Process Integration having 3 elements for consideration, Cost effective, Efficiency, Time In Transit. These elements
are captured in the overall scheme of the innovative solution.

SASI e-Commerce Process Integration begins with a logistics presence. It envelops the power of the internet, transport,
infrastructure, regulatory regimes and total process control to open international frontiers to businesses ready to expand their
market opportunities on a truly global scale.

SASI e-Commerce Process Integration brings together the End to End components from both custom and existing IT applications
which govern international trade. SASI Associates have hands-on experience with IT applications used or required for e-Commerce
with unparalleled competence to specify content and communications protocols between merchants, consumers and transportation

SASI is well equipped to assist clients who may be web merchants, airlines, forwarders, brokers and cargo handlers with strategy and
logistics planning for targeted markets, utilizing a variety of distribution and transportation options ranging from air express to
overland postal services. In this fast moving business, opportunities are often fleeting and highly competitive, so SASI has built a rapid
response team to assist with e-Commerce challenges.

SASI, also benefits from a SASI founder who can claim authorship of the first international cross-border integrated express service
which incorporated Customs clearance into a transportation product design and management who are fully involved in the European
E Commerce day to day operations of a major company.

SASI e-Commerce solutions incorporates:

  • International e-commerce market analysis
  • Vendor website design criteria
  • Order fulfillment, distribution strategies
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Transportation options and service standards
  • Foreign market customer service challenges (language/post sale)
  • Infrastructure requirements (specification, design and MHS)
  • Reverse Logistics

Definition of market opportunities by logistics component

  • Airline
  • Integrator
  • Postal services
  • Airports
  • Ground Handling companies
  • Own transport